Aaron Greterman, was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, with a penchant for real estate. As a realtor for 20+ years, Aaron has managed to create a firm footing in the realtors’ market in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area, listing & selling hundreds upon hundreds of homes since the beginning of his career. Read on to learn about Aaron and his success.

About Aaron

Aaron graduated from Fargo North High School and completed a double major in communications from North Dakota State University. He lives in Fargo, North Dakota and has been married to his wife for over nine years. They have three beautiful children named Drake, Adriana, and Lyla.

Why Did Aaron Become a Realtor?

When asked about his career choice, Aaron said that he never thought of being a realtor when he was in college. Since he was going to school for communications, his go-to job choice was in the PR field. At the time, the majority of those opportunities were in Minneapolis, MN.

When Aaron was getting ready to graduate from NDSU, a man named Robert Leslie used to come to the place he used to bartend and asked him if he ever thought about getting into real estate. He said no; however, he could see that Robert was successful in real estate himself. Aaron said, “The only thing I could really do to make money was PR, and that was in The Cities [Minneapolis, MN]. I kind of wanted to stick around here, so I ended up getting into real estate and found out that I was good at it.”

Time has proven that he indeed is pretty good at it because, after 20+ years in the business, Aaron is still going strong!

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Keeping Clients Top of Mind

Aaron is known as a realtor who prioritizes his clients over everything. When asked why, he said, “I pride myself on building a relationship with a client by pointing out the pitfalls or problems with certain properties. Maybe the limitations are locations, functionality, or livability and those can all have an impact on the properties marketability down the road. I focus not only on where my client is now, but where their potential purchase puts them 5 years down the road.” 

Aaron ranks his clients over everything else. He looks for new listings every morning, afternoon, and evening to see if there’s something that hits the market that fits what they’re looking for, texting them right away if so, to make sure they’re always on top of the market. 

Experience, Awards, and Accolades

Aaron is one of the most experienced realtors you’ll find in North Dakota. He is undoubtedly an A+ realtor with over two decades of unblemished experience and an impressive portfolio of  many new & existing home as well as many lakes homes. He backs up this ranking with awards such as the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, including numerous top producer awards and achievements.  He also was just certified with the designation “Residential Construction Certified” TM and is currently working on his Designation as a “Certified New Homes Specialist”TM

Apart from these accolades, Aaron’s clients have deemed him as honest, trustworthy, well-informed, and timely – all qualities anyone would want in their realtor.

Aaron’s MO

Sharing some trade secrets with us, Aaron said that he refuses to tell the seller what they want to hear to secure a listing. He said, “I believe that the broker and the seller have to be one mind when it comes to listing a property.”

The key to Aaron’s success is that he always has his clients’ priorities above everything else. With his experience, he has managed to figure out what each of his clients wants without overwhelming them with details. One of the most important things to be successful in this business is to be up to date with all the hot sheets at all times, and Aaron does precisely that and makes these details readily available on the Dream Real Estate mobile app.

Your Go-To Real Estate Agent

From being deeply rooted in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas to having years of experience in real estate and staying on the cutting edge of the latest listings, there’s no doubt that you can trust Aaron Greterman as your go-to real estate agent as he makes you his number one priority.

Whether you’re thinking about buying or listing your home, get in touch! Aaron would love to hear from you so you can take the next step in your real estate journey.